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My mission is to be a catalyst for women to become the best versions of themselves that they can possibly be through the discovery of self-worth and identity

A Catalyst


Highly innovative, dedicated, and empowerment-driven, Sabrina Gray is a leading entrepreneur and influential speaker. She is the founder and owner of two iconic businesses, including Touch of Grace Salon Studio, a high-end hair salon, and Pure Worth, an organization that was created to encourage and celebrate women all over the world. Sabrina has an extensive background in her fields and made it her sole mission in both business avenues to support others in discovering their authentic selves.


Sabrina was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, and has a strongly rooted background within the hair industry. Her aunt was a hair salon icon, and that was the starting point where her own passion began. After spending hundreds of hours studying hair and the science behind it, she became licensed in 2013 and is now a Deva Cut certified stylist with a mastery in servicing natural curly hair textures. Since then to today, Sabrina has been a highly sought out professional, supporting a diverse range of hair types and fostering confidence in her clients along the way. Due to her underlying successes, Sabrina has been labeled by her clients as "The Curl Coach," and she wears that as a badge of honor.

One of the driving factors in Sabrina's hairstyling ambitions was her underlying fervency for empowering women. She enjoys being able to help women see their true value and understand their unique purpose in the world. Because of this and her own experiences with abuse, rejection, and feelings of worthlessness, Sabrina has branched out to the influential speaking realm and opened the Pure Worth organization to support those goals. Here she guides women to embrace their uniqueness, individuality, prove to them that they matter, and help set them free of shameful bondages and harmful mindsets they have cultivated towards themselves.


As you can see, hairstyling, women empowerment, and faith all go hand in hand. From hosting women's events, preaching at local churches as a minister of God, speaking in local schools, and at large events such as DocuSign Global, Sabrina has no plans on stopping any time soon.


Sabrina’s ultimate vision is to make the world a better place by helping women discover their true worth, instilling prospering confidence, and supporting them to reach optimal personal growth. She believes focusing on the power within is what will transform society for the better.




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